If you’re looking for a tranquil escape, Pointe D’esny is the ideal location to sit back and lose yourself in the beauty of crystal clear waters, smooth white sand and a magical underwater world offered by the coral reefs.

The beach boasts a kilometre of solitary fine sand meeting the calm waters of the Indian Ocean. There’s little in the way of facilities, signposts and even people! Making your way down to the stretch of beach from the road via the unsuspecting pathway feels like entering into Mauritius’ best-kept secret. Far from being a crowded tourist resort, the stretch is home couple of boutique hotels and idyllic villas; it’s not difficult to see that you’ve entered a realm of bliss and luxury.
Mauritius is perfect for beach lovers looking to explore. Luckily, all beaches on the island are public which means access is free for all to enjoy. Pack a sun-hat, generously apply the sun cream and take a stroll in the shallow waters. Life slows down considerably on this island, your worries will vanquish and city life is all but a distant memory here.


In my opinion, the best time of day to take a walk is around 6pm. This is also a perfect time to watch the kite surfers show off their talents against the setting sun. I found myself sitting on the end of a sea breaker in silence, watching the sun disappear and feeling utterly lost in appreciation. It’s an extremely romantic setting and at no surprise a popular honeymoon destination.

At night the hermit crabs come to life and you can see the scuttling across the beach into the shallow waters. During the day, you can explore the coral reefs and discover Mauritius’ abundant sea life, I found Nemo hiding behind some coral opposite our hotel! In the softer sand you can dip your feet into the sandy sea bed and lift up a starfish, in fact I’m pretty sure there were hundreds of them hiding under the sand waiting for me to find them.


Seafood is a huge part of local cuisine and makes this holiday destination ideal for lovers of fish and shellfish. Grilled, in a stew or a curry, the island seeks influence from India, France and China and presents an exciting opportunity to try some adapted dishes. I’m a huge shellfish fan and my favourite meal had to be the giant prawn dish that our hotel had to offer. Hot climates usually take away my appetite but here I couldn’t help but finish every last morsel.

Pointe D’esny really does present an idyllic tropical beach-life experience. If you’re into the calm, more soothing holiday environments it certainly delivers and exceeded expectations. All that’s required here is a good book, plenty of your favourite chill out playlists and a love for escapism.


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