Porto Rotondo

Reflected in the name, this magical circular port is tucked into the north-east coast of Sardinia and boasts a perfect combination of luxury, charm and turquoise blue against a backdrop of rolling hills and idyllic beauty.

The circular port reaches from the Gulf of Marinella to Cugnana and presents the perfect location to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy the heat of the Mediterranean summer and take a stroll alongside some of the most outlandish super-yachts of the Med.

IMG_2455.JPGThere are plenty of trendy eateries to choose from, offering the visitor an array of delicious local dishes, seafood and of course pasta. Definitely try the Gnocchetti Sardi during your trip, a simple yet delicious local dish made up of a shell shaped pasta likely served with a sausage and tomato sauce. This is a regional dish specific to Sardinia and found in abundance in Olbia and the northern regions.

The port is home to a number of boutiques and art galleries where visitors can peruse the sophisticated selection of contemporary art, fashion and gifts during their stay; a complement to this largely luxurious hamlet.

If you’re coming from land, make your way to port by taking the charming path decorated with marine life mosaics. Follow the schools of fish that float towards the marina; or better still, walk the path back to the town at night and let the glowing eyes of these decorations light your way to the top. The magic is in the detail in Porto Rotondo.



The sunsets are nothing short of spectacular and the restaurants lining the port lend the perfect front row view. I was lucky enough to nab prime seating on a floating platform just in time for a golden romantic dinner for two. Let the water sparkle in the setting sun and watch this magical water-side hamlet come to life as you enjoy your glass of Olbian wine!


Walk up an appetite with a pre-dinner stroll, perfect for Yacht-watching and taking in the picturesque surroundings without sweating off your make-up in the heat of the midday sun! The best views are from the pedestrian bridges and Passeggiata del Porto is a prime spot to watch the sun set over the harbour.

All in all, the perfect destination for luxury, people-watching and spectacular views.


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