An unassuming escape for those looking for peace, beautiful surroundings and nature. Suffolk is only a short distance to travel to achieve what you might find on an idyllic escape abroad, minus the scorching sunshine of course.

My escape began in Cratfield, a village in northern Suffolk with a minute population of under 300. With a high-street consisting of a few houses, a church and a local pub, you’re certainly not going to be running into your neighbours at the local shop, mainly due to the absence of a local shop (!) but also the nature of houses being spread across acres of farm land, fields and picturesque winding countryside roads.

I spent my Christmas day in a cosy farm cottage with possibly two of the cutest most excitable springer spaniels in the world, Charlie and Ridley.

As cosy as the appeal of a warm wood fire and hearty roast dinner sounds, the beauty of Suffolk really lies in its land. There’s nothing more refreshing than a pre-dinner walk with the pups in the cold crisp air and the beautiful scenery. The absence of people for as far as you can see is a world apart from the busy London parks.


There’s so much green to enjoy in Suffolk and the setting sun makes for a cinematic trip outside and a chance to really appreciate what England has to offer.

Just a 30-minute drive leads you to Dunwich heath, a beautiful untouched area on the Suffolk coast perfect for dog walking and to discover nature. With views across the heath and towards the beach your eyes will be treated to an array of glorious colours as you make your way down the walking paths.


Getting the perfect group photo shot can take a while but at the heath there’s rarely anyone behind you to ruin the picture!


The beach here is usually extremely quiet and makes for the perfect final stop to rinse off your muddy wellies (and your dogs!) after walking through the heath.


With quiet beaches, beautiful countryside and cosy pubs, what Suffolk lacks in hot climate it certainly makes up for in tranquillity.


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