Blue skies, blue sea, white sand and all the rum you can dream of! I took a trip to the south-western corner of Antigua and stayed in a boutique hotel on Turners Beach called Keyonna Beach,  where the sand is fine, the sea is warm and the sun is (very) strong! – In hindsight, as is the rum!

2017-05-22 21.34.46.jpg

This beautiful island greeted me with my first Antiguan sunset, something I thoroughly enjoyed night after night from the comfort of my cosy cabana or from a prime beach side table, with a good old fashioned game of dominos and a generous glass of rosé.


It soon became apparent to me that Antigua is the ultimate fly and flop destination. It’s the ideal place to kick away your sandals and take a barefoot stroll up the coast-line.

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All beaches are public on the island, so technically you can set up for the day wherever you please. I chose to take my longer morning strolls slightly earlier to avoid the piercing Caribbean sun and spend my day frolicking about in the sea, snorkelling and swimming before returning for a cocktail in the shade of my Cabana. And thankfully no rug rats running about to spoil my relaxation mode – Keyonna is adults-only!

2017-05-22 21.21.00.jpg

Head to Cocobay, on the west side of the Island and check out Sheer Rocks for an evening of gastronomic delights against nothing short of spectacular views. The cocktails here are quite addictive and it’s the perfect sport for a romantic date night.

2017-05-20 21.46.15.jpg


I arrived early enough to view another incredible Antiguan sunset and have a nosy around the resort! Based on a cliff, Cocobay treats guests to extraordinary views of the bay and all the yachts passing by as they come into port at Jolly Harbour. Dinner here is an absolute must. Also, if you’re staying nearby and fancy a change, you can also book yourself in for lunch, which also gets you a cushioned sunbed on the cliff for the day.

2017-05-20 22.02.04

2017-05-20 22.03.21

I spent a morning out at sea to experience Antigua from the water. It provides a much-needed break from the solid heat, with a refreshing sea breeze. From here you can really appreciate how beautiful the island is with its picture perfect white coast line – and for the snorkelers there’s plenty of Caribbean fish to see on the nearby coral reef!

For a more adventurous trip, hire a car and drive your way around the island. Stop at Shirley heights and take in the views, explore English Harbour or hop on a ferry to neighbouring Barbuda to walk the pink sandy beaches.

My stay was certainly more relaxation centric – think plunge pool, drinkies, sunshine and and plenty of sun cream!

2017-05-24 22.02.37.jpg

Cheers to that!

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