An Italian Wedding

Orvieto is a scenic hour or so train from Rome; sandwiched between the eternal city and elegant Florence. It is a quaint Italian town that looks down over rolling green hills and picturesque meadows from its majestic position on top of the hill.IMG_1549IMG_1547I stayed in a beautiful abandoned monetary now turned hotel, called La Badia, located just outside of Orvieto town. A car journey to the town only takes about 5 minutes, but if you fancy a nice sweaty start to your day, then grab your trainers and trek through fields and up the winding roads until you reach the top. The views are certainly worth it!IMG_1542IMG_1535I was fortunate enough to experience the most magical wedding imaginable. The ceremony itself took place in the echoing 12th century Romanesque chapel at La Badia, after which the beautiful bride and groom walked through a flurry of olive leaves to where the reception was held, overlooking spectacular countryside views. This is picture perfect spot for celebrations and wonderfully shaded from the afternoon sun by the chapel and olive trees.IMG_1571IMG_1613Guests soon took their seats on one of two long tables in the courtyard, dining and eventually dancing in open air within this historic site adored with olive branches and sparkling lights.20140052_10159148685515360_123769167953439436_n20229053_10159148682395360_2779166452967131322_n

An enchanted destination for the perfect fairy-tale wedding!


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