La Maddalena

La Maddalena is the name given to an archipelago located off the northern coast of the Italian island of Sardinia, this area really is Europe’s very own hidden paradise, unspoiled by floods of tourists yet enjoyed by many who love exploring on the water. This year I just had to make sure La Maddalena was on the check list.DLRT5569The water here is as blue as the Caribbean and clearer than you can imagine. It’s the perfect setting for a heavenly sailing escape and for anyone who loves island adventures! IMG_1884The best way to navigate the archipelago is of course, by boat. There are plenty of day tours arranged by local operators, who will guide visitors from turquoise cove to cove, exploring the stunning beaches and stopping from island to island.IEQA1840But for the ultimate relaxation, spend your time exploring these islands on a yacht, where you can sit back, enjoy the sunshine in a more intimate setting and really soak up the beauty of your surroundings without the crowds. We had a group of about 8 on our catamaran tour, which was perfect for a day trip. It also means there’s lots of places to sit (or lie down!) so no need to run on-board and put your towel down before everyone else!36We stopped at Spargi, one of the uninhabited islands and here, gazed at some spectacular scenery. Nearing Cala Cosara, be sure to look out for some interesting rock formations, artistically carved by wind erosion, one of them takes the shape of a dog, positioned just off the island as the resident guard dog!sardDuring our day of exploration, we also passed by Punta Sardinia, Porto Raphael, Palau and Capo d’Orso, all of which offered unforgettable turquoise waters and beautiful seascapes. A handy tip: visit the archipelago at the end of August or better still, the beginning of September, where you can dodge the summer crowds and feel like a true explorer, hopping from island to island with barely anyone around you.IMG_1740

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