Scrumptious food, beautiful weather, stunning architecture and Tinto de Verano all day long! Seville no doubt made it to my top-3 city break destinations. I visited in the latter part of the summer, a great time to squeeze in a quick weekender to prolong the fading season with a few more delicious rays.


On arrival, after satisfying my burning craving for some tasty Jamón ibérico and a fresh glass of OJ (can’t not have a glass in the home of naranja!), I headed straight to the Plaza de España to explore.


This is a picturesque landmark home to a semi-circle structure with archways, pavilions, a moat where you can opt for some boat-rowing (or splashing), bright coloured decorative tiles and alcoves to gaze at artworks depicting the Spanish provinces.


But my favourite site in Seville was the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. This is a spectacular palace complex built for the Castillian Christian king, Peter of Castile on the old site of a Muslim fortress.


You really could dedicate a whole morning or afternoon strolling around the lavishly decorated rooms and the lush gardens – there’s plenty to see.


For the Game of Thrones fans, you might also recognise the beautiful gardens as the designated filming location of Dorne’s Water Gardens.


The Catedral de Sevilla is only a few minutes away from the Palace Complex, so why not make this a part of your itinerary. It’s a hugely magnificent building (the third largest of its kind in the world, so I am told).


You can climb the slopes (17 in total) all the way to the top of the bell tower and head down again to find Christopher Columbus’ raised tomb.


If you want to explore even more of the local culture, a visit to a bull ring is something you might consider. As an integral part of Spanish culture and tradition it was something I was curious about, yet nervous to do. The Plaza de toros is one of the most famous bull fighting destinations in the world dating back to the 18thcentury and the arena itself instantly reminded me of a gladiatorial arena from my studies at University.


Watching a fight is not something I can say I would recommend, but if you too want to fully immerse yourself into the local Spanish culture, then perhaps this is something that might make it onto your list – even for just a few short minutes like myself.


Otherwise, if you’re one for the outside spots, there’s a couple of bars I’d recommend for a sundowner or two. La Terezza-Bar at EME Catedral Hotel houses a great rooftop spot. Our own hotel had some great rooftop seats along with a bar – check out Rey Alfonso X

84a4424f-2125-4cbe-95cb-688dfc67e160You could stroll down to the river and look out for Bar Manhattan for more of a buzzy vibe and a nice spot by the riverside. Abades Triana is a riverside restaurant, more on the expensive side but will certainly provide you with a gorgeous dinner view and a very happy tummy.


Otherwise, you’ll find there are plenty of cute restaurants littering the side streets and squares, generally spoiling you for choice with delicious local cuisine. Take an evening stroll into the centre, stop for a glass of Tinto do Verano as you explore and finally settle on your dinner spot!

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